The court will treat the information in this report as confidential. If you are unable to complete this form without help you may find assistance on the website of the Office of Public Advocacy OPA www. state. ak. us/guardianship. Your local library and court may also have a binder of helpful information entitled Family Guardian Education Materials prepared by the Alaska State Association for Guardianship and Advocacy. IN THE SUPERIOR COURT FOR THE STATE OF ALASKA AT In the Matter of the...
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What is the Alaska Guardianship Annual Report?

The Alaska Guardianship Annual Report is the document that must be filed by the guardians every twelve months reporting the ward’s income, loss and assets. This form is available in PDF or Word format. You may fill it online on our site or use the printable sample.

What is the Alaska Guardianship Annual Report for?

The Court of Alaska requires every guardian to submit the annual report where all income that has been earned for 12 months must be provided.

When is the Alaska Guardianship Annual Report Due?

The report remains valid for a year from the date of its completion and submission. 12 months is a reporting period. After that you must file a new report. However, you have 30 days after the reporting period to file a new form.

Is the Alaska Guardianship Annual Report Accompanied by Other Forms?

No, this report must be submitted separately. You do not have to attach any other document along with the report.

What Information do I Include in the Alaska Guardianship Annual Report?

The document includes the instructions for filling it out. You must read them carefully. First of all, indicate the name of the ward, the date of birth, the residential location and telephone. After that provide the information about the guardian: name, daytime phone, mailing address, residence address, relationship to the ward. There is a section devoted to the changes in guardianship that are needed. The biggest block consists of the information about the ward. There are the following parts:

  • Housing;
  • Medical care;
  • School and job training;
  • Work;
  • Social and recreational activities;
  • Contacts with ward;
  • Decision making;
  • Community resources;
  • Significant actions;
  • Annual income of the ward (source and amount);
  • Annual expenses of the ward (description and amount);
  • Money controlled by ward;
  • Ward’s assets at the end of this reporting period;
  • Ward’s liabilities;
  • Net assets and trusts;

The document must be signed by the guardian when all lines are filled in.

Where do I Send the Report?

You must file the document with the Superior Court of Alaska after it is properly completed.

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